This issue mostly applies to users of our Figma to Sketch, XD to Sketch or XD to Figma converter.

So you've just converted your design files and some of the text elements in your file are slightly mispositioned by a few pixels? There are a few reasons this can happen and we will discuss the potential fixes in this article.

Let's have a look at an example of how the problem shows:

Original Adobe XD design:

Converted Figma file (notice the minimal vertical offset):

By converting the designs between Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD our converter has to calculate the height of each text element in order to properly position it.

The calculation is heavily dependent on which font is being used for the text that you used in your elements. We have a basic set of font files (e.g. Google Fonts) in our system to assure accurate positioning for text elements. But we can't guarantuee that text elements using a custom font will be placed correctly.

Solution #1

Before converting your file change the font of all text elements to a basic font like "Open Sans" or "Arial". You can then later change the font in the resulting design file back to your desired font.

Solution #2

If you can provide us with the font files that you used while creating your designs, then we can re-convert your XD, Sketch or Figma file and provide you with a file that will be 100% accurate. Simply send us a message through our support chat with the font files and we will re-run the conversion.

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