You may have noticed that the total price during the checkout was higher than initially advertised. We are required to assess applicable taxes as required by German and EU laws. Depending on your company address, our services may be subject to VAT (value added tax).

Our company is registered in Germany and hence we need to apply EU VAT rates for all EU based customers. Customers based outside of the EU should not be affected by this.

For all purchases in the EU except Germany, you can provide a valid VAT number (e.g. DK12345678) which will remove the VAT charges. If you do not include a VAT number your local VAT rate will be added as the VAT charge to the total amount.


You're based in Denmark and did not provide a VAT number during the checkout.

That means we have to apply 25% VAT.

$100 purchase + 25% ($25) = $125 total including VAT.

A list of all tax rates by EU countries can be found here:

Hopefully, this clears things up enough. You can ask us more questions at

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