A key difference between Adobe XD and other design tools like Sketch and Figma is that it doesn't support Pages yet. This feature has been requested by the Community for quite some time, but Adobe hasn't announced a date yet (see: https://adobexd.uservoice.com/forums/353007-adobe-xd-feature-requests/suggestions/13958565-multiple-pages-separate-sets-of-artboards).

After opening your converted XD file you realized that some parts are missing or cut off. Most likely, your Figma or Sketch file had multiple pages and Adobe XD could not accommodate all the artboards on them. In order to convert from Figma or Sketch to Adobe XD our converter places all Pages on a single canvas.

Each design software has limitations to their canvas size. The canvas is the white space where your artboards, frames, groups and other layers live.

The canvas size differs for each software:

What can I do to prevent this?

It will be very hard to gauge how many artboards will fit the permitted canvas size in XD. If your Figma file has a lot of artboards on each separate page, that's a sign that you may run into this issue. The only solution is to split the the Figma/Sketch file into smaller chunks (mostly by Page). Our support team can re-convert your files for free after you've split them.

We can always assist with this. Send us a message through our live chat bubble or email us at support@magicul.io

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