Designers love components. They give you a way to design content once and reuse it throughout your work. With time, you will realize that there are certain colors, text and components that you use over and over with different projects. Libraries make it easier to pull out such assets onto any new project you begin.

In Adobe XD, you can publish elements to an external Creative Cloud library.

All the content published will be available to you in other Adobe XD files to reuse. The components you use from the external library remain linked. If an element is altered in the library it affects all the instances in all the files.

How do components from external component library get converted?

As it currently stands we grab all the components in the external library and make them local components. If you converted the XD file in the screenshot above to Figma, it will have all the color styles as local color styles in Figma. No external library will be created in Figma. This means you will have only one Figma file. All color styles, text styles and components will be converted accurately. The components will also be on the symbols page in Figma. They just will not be added to an external/global library.

If you are converting a Figma file, the external library has to be public. You can keep the library private and invite our Figma account After converting to another format all library assets will become local components too.

Current development

We are aware that converting external libraries is an interesting and useful feature, especially for teams that work with large design systems. Our development team is currently working on implementing support for external libraries.

If any other questions about this pop-up, feel free to ask away. Send us an email at

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