After converting your file to Figma, you're excited to see how it turned out. You've used drag & drop to start the import process but even after several minutes of waiting it hasn't finished. There could be a few reasons why.

File size and number of artboards

First, because the file is huge in size and has a lot of artboards. Figma needs to process every bit of the entire file you're importing. This can take some time especially if there are high-resolution images in the file. The more artboards and elements in the file, the longer it takes to import. Usually, it will finish after taking some time to process.

You don't have enough computer memory (RAM)

Design tools can be demanding on your computer hardware. When working with very large design files, the load on your RAM can increase significantly. Figma itself is sometimes a memory hog. Thankfully, it will prompt you when you don't have enough memory to open a file.

When you have a Figma file stuck at importing, it's probably because there's insufficient RAM on your computer. We recommend at least 8 or 16GB RAM to run most design software smoothly.

What can you do about it?

  • Close other applications that are consuming a lot of RAM (Google Chrome, other Adobe applications).

  • Try to open the file with the Figma desktop app

  • Send the file to someone else to also try opening it. Their computer should have more memory (RAM)

  • Send us an email with your file at We can import it and send you a Figma link

  • Try to resize or remove very high-resolution images

  • Try to reduce the amount of artboards

  • Send us a screenshot of your browser console (see:

The file size and the memory limitation on your computer are the main reasons why your file may seem stuck at getting imported. If you find any other errors pop up while importing your file, click the live chat bubble at the bottom right to let us know.

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