When it comes to choosing a plan for your file conversions, we have three types of subscriptions. You can buy credits for the number of files you will convert or go with an annual plan which renews every year. The enterprise migration plan is another option. It is specifically tailored to large Enterprises with hundreds of design files that need to be migrated to a new design tool. Here are some key features of each plan:


One credit allows you to convert one file. Our credits plans range from 3 to 25 credits. If you only need a few files converted from time to time, this is the ideal plan for you. The benefits of this plan are:

  • Credits never expire

  • Credits don't renew automatically

  • If a conversion fails, your lost credit will be replaced

  • Your file can have as many artboards while converting with credits

  • 24/7 support

Enterprise subscription

If you have a huge library of files to convert on a regular basis, this is your plan.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Convert unlimited files

  • Automated bulk conversion (batch jobs)

  • Direct conversion from your storage provider

    • Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon S3

  • Access for up to 50 employees

  • SSO

  • 24/7 Premium Support

  • Enterprise-grade encryption

Note: the enterprise plan subscription renews automatically every month. If you would like to cancel, please do so through the "My Accounts" page or send us an email at support@magicul.io

Annual Deal/Plan

On an occasional basis we offer an unlimited annual plan that gives you access to convert any file format and as many files as you want. It renews automatically every year. Our customers love this deal because:

  • You can convert unlimited files and any file format for a year

  • Subscription renews automatically at the end of the year

  • You don't have to continuously pay for every single file

  • 24/7 support with quick response

This offer is not always available. Go to https://magicul.io/pricing and look for a limited time offer to check if it's available.

After you have chosen the best plan for your needs, you can make your purchase directly on the pricing page. We have a variety of payment methods you can use. Here's a guide on all the different methods: https://help.magicul.io/en/articles/5880631-what-payment-methods-do-you-offer. Feel free to reach out through our live chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen as well.

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