You just converted your file to Figma and are excited to see the results. After importing the file, you opened it to notice that the images are missing in certain parts.
There may be a few reason why this is happening, so let's dig into it.

Why are the images not being displayed?

Figma is a cloud-based tool. It stores your designs on a remote server so you can have access to it anywhere. When you import a file, it also uploads all its contents (including images) to the cloud. If you're missing some images in your file, it is usually because they are still uploading and being processed by Figma. All you have to do is wait for a bit for all to images to load and they should appear.

Can I avoid this to happen?

  • First of all, you can compress the individual images in your original file to reduce the size. This will make the entire file smaller and you'll be able to import and see all the content almost immediately.

  • If you have already converted the file, you may not have the option of converting a smaller file. What you can do is simply let Figma process the file for a while. If you're curious whether this is actually happening, you can click open the developer console.

    Press CMD + Option + I (on Mac) or CTRL + Alt + I (on Windows)

    This will reveal the console where every activity is being logged. Here's an example of a file with the console opened.

    All you need to see is that new lines are being added. That indicates activity/progress. You should also begin to see the images in your file appear one after the other.

What can I do if the images don't appear after waiting for a long time?

Send us your file if it's taking longer than an hour to display all your images. Sometimes poor internet speed and inadequate RAM space on your computer may be the bottleneck. We can take a look and advice. Click the bubble at the bottom right to start a conversation with our support team.

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