Our Figma backup service allows you to securely store and backup all your design files. The files you add are backed up according to a scheduled time, which may differ slightly from day to day. The frequency at which your backups will be created, depends on the plan you're on.

Backup Basic Plan

On the Basic Plan your designs only get stored as .fig files. The backup cycle is scheduled to run every 24 hours. That means, every day, you will find one new version of your file. Please note that the time when your actual backup is being created may differ from day to day.

Backup Pro Plan

Backups are being created every 12 hours. That means it will run twice a day. For every triggered file backup, our tool will automatically convert your Figma designs to Sketch or Adobe XD. You will be able to restore your designs as .fig files and either .xd or .sketch. This is great if you don't want to be limited to the Figma ecosystem.

Backup Enterprise Plan

On this subscription, your files will be backed every 6 hours. All your designs will automatically be stored as Sketch and Adobe XD files. You can also configure a custom storage for your files to be backed up to. For more details see our pricing page.

When does the first backup run after adding a file?

When you add a file/files, an instant backup is initiated. That means you will see the first backup on your dashboard almost immediately.

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