The Figma file importer allows you to select local files on your computer or drag and drop files to import them. You can import Sketch files (.sketch), Figma files (.fig), or images (PNG, JPG, HEIC, or GIF).

The preferred method among designers is to drag and drop files to import them in Figma.

Note: You cannot open a .fig file by double-clicking it like most other document types (e.g.: Abode XD). You have to either drag and drop it or use the "import" button in in the top right corner in Figma.

Drag and drop

You can drag and drop .fig files both in the browser or the Figma desktop app. On the browser, navigate to the files page:

Note: You only need to do this if you have another Figma document open.

  • Click the Figma icon on the top left and

  • Click "Back to files" to go to the files page

  • Drag and drop your file to import it


In the desktop app,

  • Click the home icon on the top left to go to the files page

  • Drag and drop your file

Using the import button

  • Click the Import button to open Finder (MacOS) / Explorer (Windows)

  • Select the file you want to import

Why does my imported file not open?

Usually, this happens because your memory has been exhausted. When that occurs, Figma will show you a warning in bold red at the top.

Sadly there's no way around this other than to split the original file up into two or three parts. We can assist with the conversion of the files at no extra cost if you ever run into this issue. Contact us through our live chat bubble at the bottom right of the website.

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