Our Figma backup service has three pricing tiers: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. All plans start with a minimum of 50 files. All backup versions get stored for a maximum of 365 days before being archived (365 days data retention).

How is the price for the plans being calculated?

You can head over to our Pricing page to see which plan works best for you. Use the slider to select the number of files you'll want to back up. This will give you the price based on how many files you want to back up.

Note: You can always upgrade your plan later on.

How do I change the number of files to backup for my subscription?

To change your backup file limit, all you have to do is head to the pricing page and purchase a higher plan. Use the slider to select the new file number and click "Pay Now". Your account will be updated automatically. If you upgrade your account during a billing cycle then the amount already paid for the month will be credited prorated.

You can also contact us if none of our pricing plans match your current needs. We are happy to give you a quote tailored to your specific needs. Send us an email here: support@magicul.io or reach out through our support chat.

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