Our vouchers entitle you to a discount on certain purchases. Find out more about the discounts we offer here.

Where can I add the voucher code?

You can enter the voucher code during the ordering process. Follow these steps:

  • Drag and drop a file or click to select and upload your file.

  • Provide an email and click upload now.

  • Once the file is uploaded, click the Pay & Convert button.

  • Click the Pay Now button under the plan you want to purchase.

  • Click the Apply Coupon link in the payment modal that opens.

  • Type the code in the field and click the arrow beside it

Note: You could also go to https://magicul.io/pricing to start the process by clicking upload or pay now. It will lead to the steps explained above.

My voucher code is not valid

There can be several reasons why a voucher code is not valid. Please make sure to enter the code exactly as you received it, without any spaces.

Is it still not working? Please at support@magicul.io and provide us with the code. We can check the status of the code, and find out why it's not working.

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