Scroll groups in Adobe XD lets you define areas within an artboard that scroll independently from the rest of the artboard to create horizontal or vertical scroll effects. Sadly, Sketch and Figma do not have this feature. Our converter transfers scroll groups into normal groups but the results are always visually identical.

Here's an example of a scroll group in effect in Adobe XD:

Now that we have established what scroll groups are in Adobe XD, let's take a look at how they appear in Sketch and Figma after a conversion.

The Adobe XD file in the demo above will convert the scroll group to a normal group in Sketch and Figma. Everything will remain visually accurate but there will be no scrolling effect in the Sketch and Figma files. See the screenshots below:

Adobe XD


Here's how it looks in Sketch. All the elements within the scroll group are carried over and framed within a normal group to make sure it looks the same as it is in Adobe XD. The difference is that it simply cannot scroll.

It's the same in Figma

There's however a workaround to having the same scrolling effect in Figma and in Sketch through prototyping. Here are guides for Sketch and Figma on how you can achieve this.

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