So you've decided you want to convert your Adobe XD file to Sketch or Figma and managed to upload it to our platform. After paying for the conversion you received an error saying "Invalid file, please upload a full Adobe XD file".

One of the reasons for that could be that you accidentally uploaded a corrupted file or a file that isn't the full XD file and rather just a link to the Adobe XD Cloud.

As you can see the file only has 175 bytes in size and is probably not the full XD design that you intended to get converted.


To fix this we need to export the correct version from Adobe XD and re-upload it to the Magicul website.

1. Simply open your file in Adobe XD and re-save it by clicking "File" -> "Save As Local Document"

2. Check if the file has a size above a few KBs

3. Re-upload the file to and send us a message through the support chat to re-convert the file free of charge 🎉.

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