Magicul can convert a single artboard between any supported format.

XD to Figma, Figma to Photoshop, Sketch to Illustrator, whatever you'd like to test. Just prepare a complex single artboard file, send it to us, and Magicul will convert the file and send it back.

We believe that letting you convert your own file, which you can open and stress test, is the best way to prove the quality of our conversion.

Interested? contact us in the support chat and ask about a one artboard demonstration.

Speaking of Demonstrations, Why Don’t We Do One Right Now?

I was thinking, how can I prove that Magicul can handle any design file conversion you can throw at it?

Here's what I decided... We'll convert these files. I've never seen these before in my life. I choose this XD file at random from this freebie site.

I'll select the Adobe XD to Figma conversion in Magicul and upload my file.

Adobe XD to Figma conversion

Here you can see Magicul's preview of smart-watch-landing_page.fig

Preview of Adobe XD to Figma Conversion in XD2Sketch

You need to open Figma in your browser and upload the .fig file to open your converted file.

Here’s a little comparison between the artboards in Figma and XD.

All the values were copied across. All the colours, dimensions, positioning, and even the auto-generated CSS are exactly represented in Figma.

Magicul Converts Adobe XD Components to Symbols in Figma.

Here I've made a component in XD let's see how it converted to Figma.

Components from the files in Adobe XD were copied across to Figma and saved under the Symbols page.

This design file was only a single artboard. How about we test how Magicul's converter fairs against a complete UI kit from the internet--With Prototyping

I found this food delivery UI Kit for free, hopefully, it has prototyping...

Nope, no prototyping, never mind, I quickly added some basic navigation prototyping to the file in Figma.

This time I'll convert from Figma to XD.

First, let’s have a look at it in Figma.

Let's see how Magicul does with 13 artboards and some basic prototyping.

The preview looks good.

And after the conversion, this is how it looks in XD.

All the names were copied across from frames to artboards and the folder hierarchy has been preserved.

How about prototyping?

As you can see it works a treat. The prototyping that we created in Figma and copied across to XD is functional with the XD preview.

This works both ways. Magicul supports prototyping for all Figma to XD and Sketch conversions.

Don't take my word for it - Try out Magicul's converters with your own files and designs?

All you need to do is ask. Click on our Intercom messenger in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch with customer support.

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