Yes, we can. All you need to do is ask.

First, let me reassure you that Magicul only stores the data that it needs for the conversion. Cookies are optional and all account and metadata we collect is only used to improve our service and for internal records.

To get every trace you ever used our service annihilated, please email us here:

We understand, your design files are valuable business assets. I'd like to tell you more about how Magicul protects them.

  • All communication between users and Magicul is protected in transit using TLS and encrypted at rest with AWS 256-bit.

  • We maintain audit logs for all actions performed within our infrastructure for security and accountability - we can remove all your interactions from our platform.

What Data Does Magicul Use to Convert Design Files?

To facilitate any conversion, the Magicul converter engine needs to extract the styles and properties from your old design and programmatically reassemble your new file.

All temporary data that rests on our servers during the conversion is encrypted and is accessible only to Magicul's AWS hosted services. No 3rd parties will assist with processing your data. Magicul handles everything within our servers.

As stipulated in the privacy policy, all design files and conversions remain your property, and we don’t gain any additional rights to your files by converting them.

What Data Does Magicul Retain?

Magicul will retain the optional account and metadata you chose to enter into the forms through the site. We keep this to track metrics for internal records. Again, all data can be deleted if you would like.

Magicul will automatically collect and retain contextual information such as the device and browser used for conversion, and if you used Facebook or Google to sign in to Magicul we receive an OAuth token from the provider that contains your email and other account-specific information.

For more information about this, read the Magicul Privacy Terms

If you’d like us to delete your user, account or metadata, please email us at.

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