We understand that design files can contain very sensitive information. For that reason, data privacy and protection are one of our highest priorities. You might be hesitant to upload data to a platform you've never used. For that reason, we've taken extra measures to keep your data confidential and secure.

The following questions are commonly asked by our customers:

  • Where are your servers hosted and by who?

  • What encryption protocols are being used?

  • Is data shared with any 3rd party?

  • Does Magicul obtain any rights when I upload data?

  • How long does Magicul retain user data?

  • Is there any additional security information you can provide?

Here's how your data is managed on our platform.

First of all, your files are never shared with any third party. All the data you upload/provide is only accessible to members of our internal team. The rights of the data belong to you. Our terms and conditions specifically state that the rights belong solely to you and no rights get transferred to us (see: https://magicul.io/terms-of-service).

Files uploaded to our service get stored on Amazon AWS S3, specially in the US-East-2 region. While converting the files they are being processed on servers on AWS EC2 (also US-East-2) and on servers in Germany (hosted by our partner Netcup.eu). The S3 buckets are encrypted with the highest S3 Bucket encryption algorithm (SSE-S3). All communication between users and Magicul is protected in transit using TLS and encrypted at 256-bit.

If you'd like to remove all your data from our system simply email us at support@magicul.io. We will be happy to help. Additionally you can also delete the files you upload from "My Files" page in the top right corner.

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