You can always change the email address of your Magicul account. All plans except the enterprise migration plan are limited to just one user. If you're looking to transfer ownership of an Enterprise account to someone else, you only need to update the email in settings. Here's how to do that in steps:

Changing your Email address

Log into your account

Click the login button and sign in with your current email address.

Open "Settings"

When you have signed in, hover on the account icon and go to "Settings"

Select the "Email Address" tab

Switch to the email address tab and update the email

Save your changes

Simply click click on "Change Email" to save your changes.

When you change the email address of your account, everything still remains the same. The files are kept intact, and the credits on the account will still be there.

Do we offer SSO?

Yes, we support Okta, Azure and many other Identity Providers. This feature is only currently only available on the enterprise migration plan. For more in-depth information on the Enterprise plan, check out the following article:

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