Magicul helps you to convert your design files between major design applications like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch and more. All file conversions are done automatically (through code) on our servers. Since the converter is a fully automated software, most conversions only take a few minutes to complete. Read further for more technical details on our process for converting files.

Where are the uploaded files stored?

Files uploaded to our service are stored on Amazon AWS S3 storage, specifically in the US-East-2 region. While processing your actual data the designs are temporarily stored on our servers in our data center in Germany.

Where are the files converted?

While converting the files they are being processed on servers on AWS EC2 (also US-East-2) and on servers in Germany (hosted by our partner The front-end part of the application does nothing in connection to file conversions. It's purely a server-side job.

Your files are always secure

All data we store or transfer is fully encrypted at all times throughout its lifecycle. Our S3 buckets are encrypted with the S3 Bucket encryption algorithm (SSE-S3). Your files are never shared with any third party. You can read more on our data privacy here:

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