Magicul has a number of converters under development that will soon be available to users. In this article, you'll find out which converters are available and how to get access to a beta.

Which converters are currently available

Our team is working hard to ship more converters that are currently only accessible to a limited number of beta testers. You can sign up to a waitlist to be added as a beta tester on the landing page of each converter. Once you've signed up you may be contacted by our product team in the future. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee of getting access to a converter that's currently in beta.

Converters to be released soon:

Visit these landing pages and add your email to join the waitlist. We will reach out when there's a free beta tester spot or when we've released the converter.

Are converters in beta included in any of our pricing plans?

Converters in beta can only be accessed by a selected group of testers. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that you will get early access. Once a converter is released you will get access to it and you can use it with your existing subscription/plan.

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