So you’ve just converted your Figma, XD or Sketch files to Photoshop but after opening the PSD file you realized all text elements are missing.

The Problem

Here's an example of how the problem looks like in Photoshop. You can see how in the image on the left the text is missing. If this is what’s happening in your Photoshop files, here’s what you do.

Missing text layers after Figma or Sketch to Photoshop conversion


Here's how you fix the problem with just a few clicks:

  1. Open the "Type" menu in Photoshop

  2. Click "Update All Text Layers"

Why is this happening in the first place?

Our design file converter adds all necessary text information to your converted PSD files. In order for Photoshop to display the text correct it still needs to iterate over all text elements and reposition them. Telling Photoshop to update the text layers, will force the application to redraw the layers from the text data that's available.

How do I avoid this from happening?

Do you remember seeing a Photoshop text layer warning like this?

If you pressed update, everything would have worked as expected. I’m guessing you were in a hurry and pressed no and that’s likely why your text is missing.

Here’s a way to confirm if you need to update your text layers.

Hover over your layers and see if this happens:

font is present on system but requires a layout change

If you can't see any text elements, and you don't see this you have another problem.

Read this guide we wrote. It will show you how to fix problems with missing fonts.

If some of your text element are misaligned, checkout this guide on how to fix vertical text alignment issues after using our Photoshop converter.

Still having issues?

Just contact our support team. We are always happy to help you to resolve any upcoming issues. Simply email us at or use our support chat.

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