Design file with Arabic text

Most design tools do a decent job at supporting a wide variety of alphabets and scripts like Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Greek or Cyrillic. Our converter maintains those perfectly throughout a design file conversion. The Magicul Design File Converter converts text in design files in every alphabet and makes sure it's positioned correctly.

If your converted file has any issues with the text, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

Sometimes text elements may not be displayed at all after converting your designs to Figma. This is due to how Figma handles missing fonts. This issue generally happens no matter what alphabet you have the text in. To fix this try the following:

  • You need to make sure all the fonts are installed on your computer

  • If you're viewing the file on the browser version of Figma, you need to install the Figma font helper to enable local fonts

In Adobe Photoshop, you could have a similar issue. To fix it,

  • Make sure you have all the fonts locally installed on your computer

  • Open the "Type" menu in Photoshop

  • Click "Update All Text Layers"

Here's a detailed article that explains it further:

These are the most common issues experienced by our customers in terms of text/fonts. It’s important to note that the text in your design file can be any language/alphabet, it doesn't matter if they're right to left languages like Hebrew and Arabic. Our design file converter is fully capable of handling different alphabets during file conversions. Happy converting :)

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